Upcoming Live Courses in 2020

Upcoming Live Meru University Course

Future Courses with David Christopher Lewis

May 9: Sanat Kumara and Venus on Co-creating Divinely Loving Relationships: Your Marriage Made in Heaven and Upon Earth.

August 15Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul on Our Solar Biofield: How the Aura, Chakras and Glands Work in Unison. This course will include introductory and advanced teachings.

November 14: Serapis Bay on the Mystery and Magic of the Ascension: How to Prepare for Your Reunion with the Divine One.

Heartfriend Wisdom Series

The Heartfriend Wisdom Series courses will continue in 2021 on Sundays from 10:00-11:30 am MT.

March 14Our Lady of Guadalupe taught by Dennis Fisher.

April 11Kuan Yin, Kindness and Kin Domain taught by Cathleen Alexander Beese.

October 17Schools and Lineages of Buddhism taught by Jennifer Butler.

Where will your journey take you?
If your intentions for 2021 include experiencing more oneness, joy, love and harmony, then join us and take a step on your path today!

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