Jesus on the New Jerusalem


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The New Jerusalem is a Reality Now within YOU

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Jesus on the New Jerusalem


Six class videos (various lengths). Total time is 16 hours 45 minutes.
David Christopher Lewis
$35 US. Discounts available for students living in other countries.
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In Jesus on the New Jerusalem and the New Age, join us for hours of glorious communion and regeneration of your spirit at the feet of the Master Jesus! Surround yourself in the love of community and the masters that occurred during this life-altering event.
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MU 1501 and MUE 2015-1
Golden-Crystal Age, The New Age and Aquarian Living

A Time of Intimate Communion with Jesus

Thursday evening’s video replay: After sharing on the topic of service and ministration to life, Jesus responds to questions from his disciples.
Friday morning’s video replay: Padmasabmhava speaks on the practice of meditation and Clare de Lis escorts you to the etheric planes of the Holy City. Jesus offers a discourse and leads a community conversation on the path of enlightenment.
Friday evening’s video replay: Jesus speaks about applying spirituality in our daily lives. Sharing occurs during an open forum on personal ideals, practices and daily productivity.

Mindful Meditation with Maitreya

Saturday morning’s video replay: Experience a half hour of mindful meditation with Maitreya, followed by teachings on meditation from Jesus and Maitreya.

Springtime Renewal, Fresh Air and Fellowship!

Saturday afternoon’s video replay: Experience the sharing by David and community members about living on a permaculture property; communing with God in nature to bring about inner stillness and co-creativity; and metaphors from nature about our personal vocations.

A Special Sunday with Melchizedek

Sunday morning’s video replay: Our special Sunday service initiated the cycle of Melchizedek’s twelve Sunday discourses, which is available to those who tithe to The Hearts Center, in preparation for upcoming summer solstice teachings on the Essenes. Receive the teachings from Serapis Bey and Mother Mary that prepare you for the unprecedented and life-altering message from Melchizedek, the greatest release of light to the planet through the Hearts Center to date. The conference concludes with Melchizedek’s initiatic blessing of the crown chakras of those in attendance.


“The Meru University event, Jesus on the New Jerusalem and the New Age, was God-glorious! It was even more than I anticipated. We have been told that being on the broadcast you receive 75% of the radiation. I felt it was more like 100%. That's how awesome it was! As the masters always come through, so may we always come through by being present at their events, either in person or on the broadcast.” —DG

“This class was amazing for my life. I truly feel free of effluvia and entanglements to the past and ready to move on to greater God-being, letting go of the human nonsense and becoming more conscious of what is given to me. There were so many keys given to help us from each master's heart, a treasure box to glean greater blessings as I review.”   —KK 

"During the focusing of our attention and intention on Israel, Palestine and all the Middle East with beloved Peace and Aloha, I felt a gentle electrical charge moving throughout my body, especially in the torso area for the duration of that blessing. It was a bit startling—the strongest movement of light through me I have ever felt." —CW 

"The HeartStreams went directly to my heart and were very uplifting.” —BP 

"The HeartStream from Melchizedek provided a perspective that I hadn’t felt before, a deeper and more comprehensive consciousness, simple and yet more complex in its wisdom.  It is very interesting to actually experience the results of group meditation. It is stronger and causes a greater sense of responsibility to stay focused and disciplined for the benefit of all. I feel I have had visions and awareness come to mind that might not have surfaced otherwise.”  —AH

“I enjoyed the time that we sent love and light with Jesus to Israel and the Middle East. I felt great love and in a flash I saw Beloved Jesus and other masters pouring golden light and profound love to this land. Also I appreciated being able to take part in the meditation with Maitreya.  I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to complete the whole process. With the help of all the heartfriends together with the Light of God, I felt assisted and completed the whole thing.  Being together in the Light and love of the masters and of God is always wonderful." —AB 

"I had a very special experience with Jesus and with the freshness and joy of his discourses. The meditation with Lady Clare de Lis moved me with immense feeling, with love beyond words for Mother, and with the deep desire to return to the Heart of God with My Beloved, too. The meditation on the last day was also an experience of great joy and light, as was the final blessing." —MR 

“Melchizedek's release of light and the crown chakra blessing were the highlights for me. I loved the entire conference.  The entire group of people is so loving.  I am so grateful to be a member of The Hearts Center.” — NB 

"There were many special moments for me during this conference, especially our journey with Clare de Lis to the Holy City. Also, the presence of Jesus was so tangible. I felt wrapped in his awesome beingness. It was so loving and personal that if I were wax I probably would have melted! Maitreya's meditation was great—even before it began the fire was present in my crown. I loved the balance of Melchizedek's delivery: both the discipline and the love and his trust in us.” —DG

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