How to Use the Love in Your Heart and the Fire in Your Belly to Love People Unconditionally

Course Title
How to Spiritually Deal with Crime and Gangs in the Major Cities


One 2-hour video class
Jesus and Magda, Lanello and Clare de Lis, The Masters of the Rosy Cross and The Holy Spirit
Donald Galvin
Learn to love all people unconditionally including family, heartfriends, co-workers, strangers, “enemies” and ultimately all mankind.
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Course Description
What does it mean to practice unconditional love and how do we truly achieve it in our daily lives? In this class we explore the teachings and practices of some of the greatest demonstrators of unconditional love the world has seen―and experience joy and mirth while doing so. Gain fresh inspiration from these timeless saints and modern-day heralds, whose messages will lift you up into a flowfield of pure love. And you will desire to abide there forever! Come experience the fire!
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Heartfriend Wisdom Series

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