The Art of The Initiate

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The Art of The Initiate
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Sunday, August 16, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm MDT
Lanello, Paul the Venetian, El Morya, Saint German, Nada, Mother Mary
Donna Drigan
English, Español (traducción en vivo)
Course Description
Are you an Aquarian artist? How can creativity help you and others to achieve divine oneness on your path with the great I AM? In this class we will address various ways that we create. Our heavenly ascended masters teach us to create divinity through activities of loving service and virtuous building. Come dwell in the midst of the Most High as we gather to contemplate the very essence of God who we are and the manifestation of the Divine Presence we can be upon Earth.
Course #
Heart Friend Wisdom Series
Purpose of the Course:
  • To explore what comprises the art of the initiate as a key part of the life of the initiate and look at some specific examples of artists who have ascended.
Course content:
  •  Definition of Art
  •  Examples of ascended masters who were artists
  •  Nada's message about art and the heart
  •  What are our responsibilities as an Initiate?
    •   The Responsibilities of the Initiate in creating the Divine Temple
  •  How are symmetry, balance & proportions important to an Initiate?
  •  What are your experiences in creating?
  •  Discussion of videos and art work
Participants are encouraged to share during the class.  
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