Zarathustra on Invoking and Uniting with the Maxin Light Within: A Divine Dive into the Eternal Flame of Truth, Harmony and Oneness


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Unite with the Maxin Light Within

Zarathustra on Invoking and Uniting with the Maxin Light Within: A Divine Dive into the Eternal Flame of Truth, Harmony and Oneness
for this 1.8-hour class
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David Christopher Lewis
English, Español (traducción en vivo)
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Course Description
Zarathustra presents new teachings on how to utilize the Maxin Light upon our spiritual path. The class includes a meditation on the eternal flame as it abides both within the etheric planes and within the crystal chamber of our hearts. Visualizing and then consciously entering this flame propels us to a higher state of being within the divine world where we can know truth, experience harmony and evolve to an awareness of feeling and maintaining our oneness with God and all life.
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The Self, The Higher Self and Solar Beingness
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What our students are saying:

  • My threefold flame was blazing and expanding throughout the entire class. It was a joy to experience through Zarathustra's intercession the dynamism of the Maxin Light within me. I felt it, I lived it and now I AM it. -DG

  • The meditation that was presented with the tiny flames of light penetrating my aura was indescribable. Never have practiced that type of meditation and felt much spiritual development and massive healing going on physically and mentally. I think I now have a stronger connection to Zarathustra. -VE

  • The course is indeed embedded with more than we think. And it is fully multidimensional and universal. -CG

  • Along one's spiritual journey, there comes a time when a deeper understanding of the connection and function of the heart chakra is necessary to learn about, so that you are then able to consciously spiritualize your own physical body temple with greater precision. By doing so, you can enter into the next Spiritual step of increasing your level of Service to all Life. I am so happy that I was present. I plan to review the class. There was so much depth of Wisdom presented. -KW

  • Learn how you can experience the joy in the holiness of attending to the Maxin light. -JL


Invitation from David Christopher Lewis

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