Pranayama with Tactile Imaging

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Increase the Flow of Prana in Your Energy Body

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Meru University Symposia
Pranayama with Tactile Imaging
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Masters Omraam and Djwal Kul
Boyd Badten
English, Español (traducción en vivo)
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The purpose of this two-session Symposium is to teach some lesser-known techniques for increasing the flow and quantity of prana within and to master the faculties required to do this. You learn some easy practices which will increase the level of prana within your system. Students are introduced to the concept of tactile imaging and are given a series of progressively more empowering exercises designed to increase the flow and awareness of prana both within and outside the body. Questions were answered throughout the course via the chat feature in the teaching environment.
Foundational Spiritual Practices for Initiates
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MU Symposium 2021-1

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