Serapis Bey on the Mystery and Magic of the Ascension


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Serapis Bey on the Mystery and Magic of the Ascension: How to Prepare for Your Reunion with the Divine One                                                                                                                 1 hour 43   minutes
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Serapis Bay
David Christopher Lewis
English, Español
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Course Description
The ascension is the ultimate initiation, allowing us as human beings to transcend materiality unto union with God and everlasting life as immortal beings. Serapis Bey is the hierophant of the ascension temple in the etheric plane above Luxor, Egypt and shares teachings on our glorious ascension so that we can work toward and prepare for this final leap into the limitless planes of pure beingness within the One.
            In addition to expounding upon the basic requirements for the ascension, Serapis provides keys to accelerate our ascent each day, extolling the divine ideal to strive for, important virtues to master, the heart-mind connection to maintain and the joy of life to fulfill. Though Serapis has been called the Great Disciplinarian, through the disarming intensity of his great zest for immortal life and love of our souls he aspires to move us beyond limitations into what he reveals as the Consciousness of Eternality as he heartstreams with us as initiates and heartfriends.
Adeptship and the Path of Initiation to the Ascension
Course #
MU 2021-06

Course Resources

Thirty-three Sacred Steps or Landmark Initiations on the Path of the Ascension


David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley on Tibetan Rainbow Body! 1 hour 52 minutes

Project Looking Glass - Looking Glass Revealed 60 minutes


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