Jesus and Melchizedek on New Aquarian Essene Teachings


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Jesus and Melchizedek on New Aquarian Essene Teachings (Jesús y Melquisedec hablan sobre las nuevas enseñanzas esenias acuarianas)


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One 2-hour class session
David Christopher Lewis
English, Español
Course Description
Jesus and Melchizedek offer this very special and timely course on New Aquarian Essene Teachings. Jesus, who has been speaking to us in HeartStreams about the importance of the hour, and Melchizedek, who is a cosmic high priest and originator of the ancient and Holy Order of the Priesthood of Melchizedek, overshine David Christopher Lewis with fresh and spontaneous Essene teachings as the Age of Aquarius dawns! At least 45 minutes is afforded for questions and answers to Jesus and Melchizedek from the students.
Golden-Crystal Age, The New Age and Aquarian Living
Course #
MU 2023-04

Our students are saying:

  • Thank you so much, David, Jesus and Melchizedek. I will try to emanate peace with the help of God! -MCP


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