The Power of Prayer and Synchronicity

Course Title
The Power of Prayer and Synchronicity: A Look at What Is Behind Synchronistic Events (El poder de la oración y la sincronicidad: un vistazo a lo que hay detrás de los eventos sincrónicos)


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Course Length
90 minutes
Pamela M. Gembica, M.A., Counseling Psychology Depth Psychology
Sponsoring Masters
Kuthumi, El Morya, Mother Mary, Melchizedek, and Saint Germain
English, Español
Free with recommended donation of $10.00
Course Description
In this course we explore the power of soul prayer. Can soul prayers cause synchronistic events to occur? Synchronicity: "The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related...." Oxford Dictionary. Using Astrology where you see your Natal/Birth Chart impact your psychology, we discuss how synchronicity can clue you into the Trickster and help you navigate the Dark Night of the soul. Example of synchronicity: You are thinking about someone and suddenly they call you. Are synchronistic events intentional? If synchronicity is intentional what does that imply for us as co-creators with the Universe! Synchronicity brings a greater power into your life to intervene and plug you into your power, your true Self, if you pay attention. "Dear Universe, my own I AM Presence, bring me the healing to see that which I am resisting. Show me the way." The next synchronistic event is your attention!
Course #
Heartfriend Wisdom Series

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With Love, from India by Jodhaa Bali (Author, pen name of Pamela Gembica )

This is a love story of two people who have been separated for lifetimes. They meet again in a synchronistic way. Is it fate or destiny? Once they meet they fall in love almost at first sight. They have a difficult time reconciling their reunion. They each intuit that they have known each other from a past life, perhaps many past lives.

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Our students are saying:

  • Pamela gave us, not only theory, but many practical examples of how to pinpoint challenges in our personal psychology and to resolve them. The path she outlined was clear. - BB
  • The class was full of useful information and well delivered. Who knew, “You cannot control the mind without controlling the breath.” I absolutely loved the teaching of staying in the heart for harmonious behavior. I would highly recommend everyone to hear this again and again. - SW
  • I liked how Pamela talked about not reacting when speaking and giving suggestions rather than making a demand. She gave practical tips for interaction between people who have karma with one another. – RB
  • Pamela advised us to pay attention to personal synchronistic events - they could be an answer to our spoken or unspoken prayer. She showed us how to notice what triggers our negative feelings and how that situation relates to our psychology and natal astrology. - CA
  • I loved it. Lots of information! With her great knowledge, Pamela showed the mystic side of psychology that acknowledges karma. - LJ

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