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Lay the Foundation for Children to Flower into Free and Wise Adults

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Rudolf Steiner's Education Model: A Threefold Approach
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Two 2-hour class videos
El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian
Ralph Raaths and David Christopher Lewis
$15 US.  Discounts available for students living in other countries.
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Rudolf Steiner had a bold vision of education!  He said, “Each child in every age brings something new into the world from divine regions, and it is our task as educators to remove bodily and psychical obstacles out of his way; to remove hindrances so that his spirit may enter in full freedom into life.”  His threefold model is built on imitation, imagination and intellect.
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Golden-Crystal Age, The New Age and Aquarian Living

Educating the Entire Human Being

Join us in this course for an in-depth exploration of Rudolf Steiner’s Education Model—A Threefold Approach, with Ralph Raaths. The Chohans El Morya, Paul the Venetian, and Lord Lantol give their perspectives on threefold education through David Christopher Lewis. Ralph Raaths illumines our understanding and plumbs the deeper levels of soul life to reveal a spiritual scientific psychology that embraces the physical, the soul and spirit life of being. These clearly mark the developmental milestones of children. In this Meru University course you discover…

  • how and why education is an art, not just an application of methodology,

  • how the entire human being can be educated, not just the intellect, to avoid disaster, and

  • how hyperactivity and other neurotic behavior disorders can be treated with holistic education instead of drugs.

True Education: Intellectual Freedom

Rudolf Steiner spent many years in spiritual scientific research and set about restructuring the education modality on these soul and spiritual foundations. His threefold approach to education is the result. Educational innovators, parents and even grandparents will benefit from exploring this educational model. It will assist us in…

  • gaining an understanding of the developmental requirements for each level from birth to age 21, 

  • knowing how to support rather than divert this natural process, and

  • ensuring our children will enter adulthood with a strong sense of purpose and with the capacity to fulfil their unique destiny.

Discover the critical stages and sensitivities of each stage of a child’s growth from birth to puberty and beyond through the final phase of childhood and up to the age of 21. And learn how to lay the foundation for the child to flower into a free and wise adult. 

See the problems with education today in a new light. With Steiner’s approach we can design and develop curricula that strive to educate the child according to his individual learning style and mode of development, gradually awakening consciousness. The goal of this threefold approach to education is, as Steiner put it, "to develop the child…so that…we can really hand him over to freedom, to the free use of his own intelligence.”

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Practical Advice to Teachers

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What Participants are Saying about Meru University

Student feedback about a recent course, The Power of Permaculture, co-instructed by Ralph Raaths.

"The way that Ralph described the 'breathing' 24-hour cycle of our Earth was very enlightening." -H.N.

"Ralph Raath's Teaching was fabulous." -C.B.

"Ralph Raath's discussion on the salamanders, sylphs, undines and gnomes was awe-inspiring. To understand from a spiritual perspective the creative forces that turn our Earth was quite wonderful." -D.S.

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About Our Instructors

Ralph Douwe Raaths was born in Lusaka, Zambia. The son of a farmer and rancher, he helped herd cattle and sheep and tended several acres of maize. After graduation from university, Ralph entered the industrial instruments process and control trade. From an early age, Ralph took an interest in evolution and related subjects. This led to an earnest quest for answers to the mysteries of life. He embarked on in-depth studies of eurythmy,* drama, astronomy, astrology, mythology, metaphysics, history, freemasonry, African traditions, mental health and storytelling.
It was Rudolf Steiner's methodology of spiritual-scientific thinking that captivated his attention most. After the completion of a four-year training, Ralph received a eurythmy diploma in Teaching and Artistic Performance at the Cape Town School of Eurythmy. He also had postgraduate training at the London School of Eurythmy. 
Ralph is an accomplished lecturer, speaking on various aspects of cosmology. In 2003, he co-founded and was the program director of Viva Youth College, whose mission was the upliftment of young people diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar and other biochemically related mental disorders. He has done extensive work with adolescent, drug and dysfunction-related problems, all based on Dr. Rudolf Steiner's work. 
He has studied ascended master teachings for more than twenty years and is currently the president of the International Council of The Hearts Center.

*Eurythmy, developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, is the art of making speech and music visible through gesture and movement. The training is mainly artistic by nature—poetry, painting, speech and music being emphasized—but firmly founded within the philosophical, psychological and therapeutic subject matter of Dr. Steiner and the Waldorf School curriculum.

David Christopher Lewis is a gifted clairaudient, an Aquarian spiritual author and talented musical composer. He is co-founder of The Hearts Center Community and Meru University. His mission is to share the ascended masters’ teachings and their practical, sometimes startling, progressive revelations for personal awakening and Self-Realization.

Born in the Chicago area, David was the sixth of ten children. At the age of 14, he embraced the concepts of karma and reincarnation after reading Edgar Cayce’s The Sleeping Prophet. He has studied the world’s major religions for four decades and lived and worked in an intentional spiritual community for 22 years. In the spring of 2004, David experienced a mystical awakening and began receiving regular telepathic communications from angels and enlightened spiritual beings, known as ascended masters. 

David has now received and delivered more than 5,000 messages from angels, masters and divine beings. He calls these messages “HeartStreams”—progressive revelations for today on diverse topics, including divine science, advanced alchemy, cosmic solar awareness, the New Blue Wave, abundance and healing.

David’s publications include Light on the Path: Inspiration for Each Day of the Year (2017), Living a Soulful Life : Afra’s New Teaching On Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom (2015), Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy (2015), Advanced Studies of the Human Aura (2014); Now, Zen and Always (2008), a feast of spiritual wisdom, coined in succinct quips; Mother Mary’s Missions—Messages from the Divine Mother (2010), a compilation of teachings received during The Hearts Center’s eight-day whirlwind tour to the 21 California Catholic Missions; and a collection of more than 200 devotional prayers, songs and mantras. Sweet Heart of Jesus is David’s eleventh and newest music CD of inspirational new age songs.

In addition to teaching for Meru University online, David leads prayer vigils and seminars and hosts conferences in person and online. He also conducts annual pilgrimages to sacred sites worldwide. David lives with his wife Mona near Livingston, Montana.

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