Saint Germain on the Advanced Studies in Alchemy


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Is Love Related to Alchemy?

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Saint Germain on the Advanced Studies in Alchemy
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Six 2-hour video classes
Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
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Course Description:
Delve deeply into advanced alchemy! Meru University is going beyond, taking you directly into advanced studies of spiritual alchemy and giving you direct access to Saint Germain. Included are questions and answers in Darshan format fielded by disciples in the past. In addition, Saint Germain will share with you the components of his elixirs as the Wonderman of Europe. He will reveal to you the secrets of the Fountain of Youth, cosmic light engrams, changing your DNA, and developing higher/inner vision.
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Alchemy and Abundance

In this course you will commune with Saint Germain's heart and receive esoteric and practical knowledge that will propel you toward your own adeptship. During each of the six classes, 2 or 3 HeartStreams on advanced alchemy are reviewed as well as 5 or 6 answers to 33 darshan questions posed by students of alchemy.

Throughout the course you will learn about…
  • The violet laser light
  • The adept’s diet
  • Flashbacks and memes
  • Thoughtforms
  • Sacred geometry
  • Ways to develop our siddhis
  • The Secret Chamber of the Heart
  • The purpose of Stonehenge and the Holy Grail
  • The Music of the Spheres and the effects of music on the aura
  • Saint Germain’s commentary on Buddhist alchemy
  • The role of the Divine Feminine in alchemy

You will marvel at once hidden knowledge revealed through our study of the history of secret societies, including Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry. And you will cherish the sponsorship of America by our Master Alchemist as it is revealed in today’s sacred mystery schools. You’ll even discover humor’s place in alchemy. Join us and learn the secrets of being an advanced master alchemist.


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HeartStreaming in the Aquarian Age

by David Christopher Lewis

Much of the material released during this class is now available in our publication released in 2015. It contains Saint Germain’s answers to 33 questions posed by disciples and as well as Alchemical Elixirs—33 Spirals of Divine Alchemy for Solar Beingness released by Saint Germain and Portia.

333 pages (an alchemical number!) Includes 16 color illustrations


Prerequisite Reading

Saint Germain on Alchemy:
Formulas For Self-Transformation

[Mass Market Paperback]

by Saint Germain
540 Pages


Recommended Reading

Spiritual Alchemy

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
205 Pages


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