Seven Holy Kumaras on Divine Love and Twin Flames


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How can you experience divine love with your twin flame?

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Seven Holy Kumaras on Divine Love and Twin Flames


Seven  2-hour class videos
The Seven Holy Kumaras and their twin flames
David Christopher Lewis
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Course Description:
How can we truly understand divine love? During this course commune with the apex of divine love on Venus—the Seven Holy Kumaras* and receive a new perspective. From the etheric vantage point of the Seven Holy Kumaras, residing on the second planet from the sun, the galactic core alignment of 2012 released an impulse of amazing new love energy passing through our sun and cascading to each planet in progression. Each planet has a role in assisting the coming evolution within our solar system.
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Divine Love and Twin Flames

 * Kumara: a Sanskrit term meaning “prince” or a person of noble or royal heritage 

The Seven Holy Kumaras on Divine Love and Twin Flames

In this course you have the opportunity to:
•   Master divine love in each of the seven rainbow rays with the seven Kumaras
•   Anchor within and feel the new frequencies of divine love
•   Experience the Venusian culture, a golden age of the Divine Mother
•   Access the power of twin flame love, a key to creating a golden age on Earth
•   Learn essential teachings for creating a golden age on Earth
•   Become the cosmic love that is key to creating the entire Aquarian Age

Solar love

Meru University’s seven-week course, The Seven Holy Kumaras on Divine Love and Twin Flames, takes you beyond Earth to understand what divine love is as it is experienced on Venus. In addition to their teaching, the Seven Lords anchor intense frequencies of a new solar love to help Terra, as Earth is called by Venusians, embrace greater love.
 Beyond the desire to know the identity of your twin flame or learn more about human love, you learn how to master divine love on each of the seven rays with the Seven Kumaras. They reveal the names of their twin flames and share an understanding of the power of invoking those names.

Uniting with your twin flame

Through the mastery of love and through uniting with your twin flame, whether your twin flame is in heaven or on earth, you can bring into greater play upon Earth the Venusian culture of the Mother and begin the restoration toward a culture of loving families. You learn the value and the different dynamics experienced in the gift of love moving through you with your twin flame, whether ascended, embodied, or yet to be known. Realize the greater graces and blessings possible for the Earth as you work with your twin flame to access galactic frequencies of love.

How love from Venus saved our Earth

Sense with your inner memory how intimately these great beings of Venus are already known to you in your higher solar body, in your Oversoul. Hear the story of the gift of love from Venus that saved our Earth. Learn about the most common Venusian virtue you may already share with them, and discover how the seven rays, seen as a rainbow on Terra, precipitate differently on Venus.

Galactic frequencies of love with your twin flame

In January 2013 the galactic alignment was complete. Earth shifted into a higher gear. More light is available to you. What does this mean for you, our Earth—this third planet from the sun—and our entire solar system? Come participate in laying the foundations in spiritual community of loving, united families as modeled on Venus. Yes, you can be more of the magnificent, divine love that is the key to victory for the entire Aquarian Age.

What Participants Are Saying About This Course

The whole class was magnificent! When we were told we would have to write a love poem, I said there was no way I could do that unless it was as a joke. I surprised myself by actually writing one about the twin flame meditation in the secret chamber of the heart.  EW
When you are in a state of Divine Love you are with your twin flame, you are one. YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!! MW
The names of the twin flames of the Kumaras.
The life on Venus, their schools, just the beauty of this planet of love.
The beautiful story of the 7 sets of twinflames that will becoming to the Earth and how they will change the world.
And to know that they require our prayers. DS
I enjoyed learning about so many aspects of life on Venus from architecture and education to the infusion of love in every aspect of life there. I was very grateful to learn the names of the twin flames of the Holy Kumaras. I loved the poems to twin flames that the students wrote. That was a fantastic assignment. CB
All teachings about life on Venus. The experience of love in every class!  JP
Quite honestly, everything. It was all wonderful. The beauty and love coming from the Holy Kumaras through David. Besides the teachings I learned so much from the participants sharing. This was particulary so with the class on love and family life. I learnt so much from the architecture class on the integration of cities and vegetation. I loved the help with manifestation from the Pauley's book "I am rich beyond..." and like it that David just added that in. I learnt with great humility of the beauty of all the heartfriends through their joyful and honest sharing. JB
Learning that I and my twin flame are connected through my heart is an incredible concept. Never apart! Learning about life on Venus is and was mind blowing for me. That's how our planet should, love, love. It's not and we as lightbearers need to quicken our pace! DM
The first most important "aha" was that Twin Flames are always connected in the Threefold Flame in the heart and that we all have the opportunity to commume with them there. I loved learning that the buildings on Venus are organic and chrystaline in nature and that there is such a high degree of harmony and cooperation between the Venutian souls and nature. I was especially happy to learn that 7 sets of Twin Flames have arrived from Venus to assist Earth. I pray that they are quickly able to accomplish their mission and rejoice that they are here! VM
I felt such a great connection to my twin flame upon reading my poem after all the wonderful teachings. I felt a greater connection to the Holy Kumaras and Venus with the great visualizations and meditations, which reignited my connection with them. NF
Wow. This was one great course. I very much appreciated and benefited by this new perspective on divine love. So practical and so comforting to realize we can live in divine love in community now, and look forward to its fruition on our planet by the great love of Venus. PM
 Aha! Twin Flames DO EXIST! Wasn't sure before this class. MS
This course gave me the realization that I am from Venus. DK

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