The Return of Solar Imaginative Knowledge

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Saint Germain, Afra, Kuthumi
Ralph Raaths
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This course is the introduction to course 1401 The Return of Solar Imaginative Knowledge and Mythical Thinking - Lemurian Egyptian Mythology in the Light of the Ascension. In this introductory class we learn that during the golden age on Lemuria, when solar knowledge was understood by mankind and gods and ascended hierarchy still walked and talked with us, humanity had a unique consciousness. Our knowledge was received in imaginations; thought forms existed as a panorama of mythological archetypes that incorporated cosmic knowledge. This highly imaginative mythical thinking, when studied in the right way, can once again open the door to cosmic knowledge without losing the newly awakened scientific intellect that has dawned on mankind since the Renaissance. Enjoy this introduction, then discover in a subsequent course (1401) more about a new solar imaginative form of cognition that is now awakening.
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Join us as instructor Ralph Raaths takes us on a journey from ancient Lemuria to the present and gives us a vision of a golden age when this imaginative knowledge and mythical thinking will again become paramount as a clairvoyant faculty, which Rudolf Steiner called "Imaginative Cognition."

A new solar imaginative form of cognition is now awakening

The African people carry deep within their collective unconscious and racial memory a special remembrance of ancient solar mythical knowledge. That remembrance, if it could be accessed, would take us back to a time when the Sun had an intimate connection with the Earth, and mankind had direct contact with their own solar origins that shone through the sun in their hearts.

It was a time when brotherhood and harmony flowed directly from their Solar Presence. It was a time when mankind was clairvoyant and could see the intentions in people's auras, and solar imaginative mythology flowed into the community through their storytelling and heartstreaming. This was the golden age of the fourth root race on Lemuria.

The renaissance of Africa and Egypt is the healing of the “Fall"
The ascension flame is housed in Luxor, Egypt for the whole world. The violet flame is anchored in Arcturus and Victoria's retreat in the etheric octave near Luanda, Angola. Africa has the spiritual resource to heal itself. When the African fall is healed within humanity, the ascension into higher octaves of solar existence can once more take place.

If we transpose ourselves into the Egyptian/African history and mystery knowledge in such a way that we can bring healing to these records, we will be doing a major service for mankind. As we were all embodied on ancient Lemuria, karma calls to us for the balancing of the fall that occurred there—what the ancient Egyptians called "restoring the Ma'at, the moral law of the cosmic memory."

New Age reality begins with you. In this course …
  • Learn what is pertinent about Lemuria that will assist us in precipitating the dawning of a Golden-Crystal New Age of light.
  • Engage with ancient history and mythology to discover your role in recreating the glories of ancient Lemuria.
  • Understand how the soul descended from the etheric to the matter plane and how it will rise again.
  • Review the destiny of mankind from the fall of the fourth root race to the coming of the seventh root race.

About Our Instructors

Ralph Douwe Raaths was born in Lusaka, Zambia. The son of a farmer and rancher, he helped herd cattle and sheep and tended several acres of maize. After graduation from university, Ralph entered the industrial instruments process and control trade. From an early age, Ralph took an interest in evolution and related subjects. This led to an earnest quest for answers to the mysteries of life. He embarked on in-depth studies of eurythmy,* drama, astronomy, astrology, mythology, metaphysics, history, freemasonry, African traditions, mental health and storytelling.
It was Rudolf Steiner's methodology of spiritual-scientific thinking that captivated his attention most. After the completion of a four-year training, Ralph received a eurythmy diploma in Teaching and Artistic Performance at the Cape Town School of Eurythmy. He also had postgraduate training at the London School of Eurythmy. 
Ralph is an accomplished lecturer, speaking on various aspects of cosmology. In 2003, he co-founded and was the program director of Viva Youth College, whose mission was the upliftment of young people diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar and other biochemically related mental disorders. He has done extensive work with adolescent, drug and dysfunction-related problems, all based on Dr. Rudolf Steiner's work. 
He has studied ascended master teachings for more than twenty years and is currently the president of the International Council of The Hearts Center.

*Eurythmy, developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, is the art of making speech and music visible through gesture and movement. The training is mainly artistic by nature—poetry, painting, speech and music being emphasized—but firmly founded within the philosophical, psychological and therapeutic subject matter of Dr. Steiner and the Waldorf School curriculum.

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