MUMS 2021-7: Practicing the Process of Love: Giving and Receiving

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Title: Practicing the Process of Love: Giving and Receiving         
Language: English 
Presenter: Vernon Coulon                  Length: 19 minutes



  • I really thought it was excellent... insightful and a different take on spirituality than I'm used to. This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about when I mentioned that young people could benefit from the wisdom of older heartfriends. -AR
  • Amazing MUM!! Awesome!! Thank you!! -RZ
  • Vernon's talk is fantastic! The information is clear, insightful and easy to apply. What a delight to hear from such an enlightened, experienced and professional heartfriend. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Vernon. -NL
  • I learned about the subtle gradations of love and the four people in the room during every conversion. -RB
  • I loved Vernon's talk that gave us so many keys on how to truely love. It gave me so much to think about and work on. -JG
  • Wow, this is the best lesson I have heard on love so consciously. Lots of food for thought. Thank you , dear sister. -MR
  • A buffet of self-awareness morsels. Much Love. -KAZ
  • Yes – the gift of being heard. Shed reactivity! -CA