Initiations within a Spiritual Community


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Passing Your Initiations within a Spiritual Community

Initiations within a Spiritual Community 


Manjushri Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
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Course Description
David shares personal experiences and observations from his time living in a spiritual community for twenty-five years. Overshined by Manjushri Buddha, he recounts personal experiences of disciples and tells anecdotal stories about how the masters work with disciples and how disciples pass or don’t pass tests and initiations! We hear David's reflections on lessons learned from his time living in this community.
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Building Communities and Societies of Light

This course, Initiations within a Spiritual Community, was originally given as part of The Hearts Center’s Meru University Event, A Wesak Celebration of Buddhic Beingness in Mount Shasta and the annual Mount Shasta Wesak Festival in May 2020.
At Wesak, celebrated annually on the day of the first full moon in May, Buddhists commemorate the birth and enlightenment of Gautama Buddha. On the weekend after Wesak, David Christopher Lewis livestreamed to the Wesak Festival in Mount Shasta. On Saturday, David gave this course, MU 2020-04, Initiations within a Spiritual Community, and on Sunday David gave course MU 2020-05, Gautama Buddha on the Golden Path of Silence—the Divine Science of Stillness. (Click underlined links for more information)


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