Gautama Buddha on the Golden Path of Silence—the Divine Science of Stillness


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Why Is Silence Golden?

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Gautama Buddha on the Golden Path of Silence—the Divine Science of Stillness


Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
$10 US. Discounts available for students living in other countries.
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Hear from the Lord of the World as we enter with him into greater Buddhic beingness--a wonderful opportunity to share in his annual Wesak celebration.
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Buddhic Healing, Awareness and Beingness

Have you heard the ancient adage that Silence is Golden?

It may be because there is a direct correlation between our ability to enter a state of deep stillness within the Great Silence and the light of illumination that shines around the beings of the Buddhas of East and West. In this class, originally held over the 2020 Wesak weekend, Gautama Buddha delivers new teachings on the Golden Path of Silence and the Divine Science of Stillness through David Christopher Lewis to students and initiates who desire a deeper communion with his higher mind and compassionate heart.

In addition to a time of practicing complete stillness to experience a heightened sense of inner peace and divine beingness in Gautama’s presence, students engaged with the Buddha to ask questions on their meditation practice, received teaching on how to permanently quell the monkey mind and learned keys to entering and maintaining greater clarity of consciousness through the golden light essences that we access and ingest through the silencing of body, emotions and thought. 

At Wesak, celebrated annually on the day of the first full moon in May, Buddhists commemorate the birth and enlightenment of Gautama Buddha. On the 2020 weekend after Wesak, David Christopher Lewis livestreamed to the Wesak Festival in Mount Shasta. On Saturday, David gave course MU 2020-04, Initiations within a Spiritual Community, and on Sunday David gave this course, MU 2020-05, Gautama Buddha on the Golden Path of Silence—the Divine Science of Stillness.  These courses were originally given as part of The Hearts Center’s Meru University Event, A Wesak Celebration of Buddhic Beingness in Mount Shasta, and the annual Mount Shasta Wesak Festival.


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