Aquarian Essene Healing with Beloved Meta and Hilarion


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Aquarian Essene Healing with Beloved Meta and Hilarion (Sanación esenia acuariana con la amada Meta e Hilarión)


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Sponsoring Masters
Meta and Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
English, Español
Course Description
     In this two-hour class Meta and Hilarion present an understanding of some of the most advanced natural healing modalities in today's world, some of which involve recent technological advances based on spiritual principles. Aquarian healing primarily involves the transfer of high-frequency energy while Essene healing is always 100% natural (no synthetic drugs) without any negative side effects. Many of these newer "alternative" therapies are based on the use of divine light within various spectra coupled with inner transformation utilizing pranic breathing and gentle exercises that strengthen the cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal, neurological and glandular systems for optimal balance of body, mind and soul.  
     Meta introduces some "supernatural" modalities used on Venus in ages past and present and leads a new healing meditation for personal transformation. Hilarion answers questions of the students and shares some imagery and diagrams to explain or enhance some of the current natural healing techniques many initiates currently utilize. Both masters comment on the importance of "holy joy" in complete healing and how balance and inner happiness are essential to precipitating optimal vitality and perfect health and well-being.
Golden-Crystal Age, The New Age and Aquarian Living
Course #
MU 2024-03

Course Resources

Rosary of Healing Light (Text), Audio

More Resources on Lesson pages - See "View Full Course in English HERE" or "Ver curso completo en español AQUÍ" in the gray box located on the left side or at the bottom of this page.

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HIlarion is one of the lords of the seven rays. Hilarion, who was embodied as the Apostle Paul, is the Lord of the Fifth Ray of healing, abundance, truth and music. The fifth ray vibration is the color emerald green. Click on the book cover to order the book.


Our students are saying:

  • We are all uplifted in the golden cloud of light from Beloved Meta...and maintaining inner peace.
  • Gracias, gracias, gracias, David, maravillosas enseñanzas. David bendiciones para todos. [Thank you thank you thank you David wonderful teachings. David, blessings to all.]
  • This was one of the best MU classes ever!!
  • Que regalazo hermanitos Como somos amados!!!! (What a great gift, little brothers and sisters, how we are loved!!!)
  • I appreciated the Masters’ insightful answers to students’ personal questions during the last half hour of the class. The meditation with Lady Master Meta at the end of class was transcending, transcendent and transforming. Thank you!!
  • Thank you - super wonder-full!
  • Great MU class on healing --I thought it was one of the best ever!
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